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Environmental, Health & Safety Services for Small Businesses

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Noise Testing, Hearing Conservation Programs
We will try to eliminate the need for a Hearing Conservation Program but if you can not eliminate or reduce the noise our service offers hearing testing on-site saving the expense of transportation to and from clinic and extended downtime. Contact us today to request this service.

Waste Disposal
ICS identifies and classifies your waste streams. We dispose of normal production wastes to unknown materials that have accumulated over the years. All services are cost effective and guarantee environmentally correct disposal options for you to choose from.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

In the Plant: Pollutants like oil mist, wood dust, and paint fumes On the Job-site: Sandblasting and Hazardous Chemicals

In the Office: Mold, Radon, Legionelle etc.

All need to be controlled which is where ICS comes in. We provide you with a thorough inspection of your business's air quality for your peace of mind. We work to control or eliminate the problem.

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