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OSHA Safety Training

With Industrial Compliance Service

Our OSHA Safety Training services are focused on safety as directed by OSHA through their 10 and 30 hr programs. We also offer personalized safety training to small businesses so they are in compliance with OSHA regulations in as little as an half hour. Tailgate or classroom style, our training programs will suit your needs. Training can also be designed to enhance your current safety programs.

Why Choose Us?
ICS has trained employees on environmental, health, and safety issues for over two decades. Scheduling of classes is designed to reduce production downtime and assure that only the employees who need the training will receive it. Our training focuses on key elements determined by your needs.

Do any of these questions apply to you?
Are your Workers Comp rates through the ceiling?

Is your HR and or Plant Mananger overwhemed with trying to comply with OSHA?

Do you feel nobody cares about your Safety Programs? 

Do you have alot of injuries wasting valuable dollars on covering injured employees?

If you answered yes -- Effective Safety Training can help

ICS designs training sessions to improve employee awareness and involvement in your Safety Programs. Training Sessions are available as a one time session or ongoing training series.

General Industry OSHA 10 & OSHA 30 Hr. Classes available.

Classes held On or Off site

Forklift Training

On-site forklift training is available for one or more employees. Accident reduction, prolonged forklift life, and a safer work environment are all benefits of this training.

Respirator Training, Medical Review and Fit Test 

Fit Test and Medical reviews done on-site eliminating need to send employees off-site.

Fall Prevention, Ladder Safety and Walking Working Surface Inspection

We can help you achieve zero injuries per year

Forklift Driver