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Small Business Safety Consulting
Services are aimed to accommodate a small business budget, and you can bring us in one time or for weekly visits. This is convenient for printers, woodworkers, mail and print services, steel fabrication, and more small businesses that may find themselves priced out of traditional Safety Consulting. Should you become involved in an OSHA inspection, we are able to come in and represent you in an effort to reduce citations and fines.


OSHA & EPA Inspection Abatement's:

ICS interacts with government enforcement personnel. We support you when an inspector arrives on your doorstep. We provide 2 options for consideration:

1. As a member of our Yearly Compliance Service, you can call us the minute
the inspector arrives for immediate intervention.
2. After the Inspectors leave or on receipt of your "Notice of Violation," call us to set up a PICC (Post Inspection Correction Consultation).

Our services will evaluate and determine the best course of action to reduce fines and come into compliance. Learn more.


We can help take the burden away from tasks such as:

Report Filings
ICS will assist you in any reports and record keeping requirements you may have. This includes Air Permit reporting requirements, Sewer Discharge Reports, OSHA Injury and Illness Reports, etc.

Permit Preparation
This safety consulting service includes filing Air Pollution Permits, Waste-Water Discharge Permits and more.

Safety and Health Plans
ICS has customized safety plans targeting troubled operations that are injuring your employees, driving up comp costs, and increasing production downtime. These plans are required by law, and our compliance programs are designed to fulfill these requirements while keeping your production schedules in mind. Our personal involvement in your plant decreases the time spent by your employees. We solve problems through cost effective techniques not overkill compliance practices.

Site Remediation
From preliminary assessments to cleanup work, ICS provides you with experienced professionals to handle property transfers. Remediation is available for areas such as:
Underground storage tanks • Contaminated property • Spill Cleanup